“Follow Me” was born out of the deep friendship between Natasha, born in the UK and raised between Rome and London, and Francesca, born and raised in Rome.

We are two individuals with different personalities and a different cultural upbringing but we share a common love for the wonderful city of Rome. We believe that our Company has One Heart, One Passion and One Common Purpose: we want to share our love and knowledge of Rome with those who choose to come on our tours.

We want you to experience this magical city not only with your eyes but with your heart and your soul. Our aim is to create unforgettable memories! Our guides are chosen not only for their professionalism but also for their ability to project their enthusiasm and passion to those who follow them.

They know that they are privileged  in living in this splendid city and are only too happy to share this experience with you. To really appreciate Rome it has to be seen on foot, savouring every nook and cranny, every hidden corner and every alley, that would be missed by car or coach.

With our twelve year experience we think it is safe to say we truly know what tourists expect from their “Roman Holiday”.