Whether you are a casual collector or a serious antique furniture enthusiast you can’t miss an antique shopping experience in Rome. Antique stores are concentrated in different parts of the city, so you can combine browsing for antiques with sightseeing. The streets where most of the antique stores are located are among the most beautiful and picturesque in the city. The first and perhaps best known area is the Via del Babuino/Via Margutta area, which is very close to the Spanish steps. Via Margutta is also famous for being the street where Gregory Peck’s apartment was in the film Roman Holiday.  Most of the shops in this area are on an international level which means that the prices and objects for sale are of the highest quality. Here you can find some of Europe’s oldest and most esteemed antiquarian dynasties. A stroll down Via Margutta is a breath-taking experience.
Another famous street for antique stores is the gorgeous Via Giulia, the street runs for a full kilometer and is full of elegant palaces and beautiful churches. As you walk down Via Giulia you can’t miss the breathtaking ivy-draped Farnese Arch, designed by Michelangelo. The Arch was supposed to be the first part of a longer walkway that would have spanned across the River Tiber, linking the Farnese family’s palace to their summer home across the river, Villa Farnesina, but the project was never carried out and the arch is the only section that was completed. Here you will find galleries filled with 17th ,18th and 19th century paintings, art deco or Liberty objects, custom designed furniture, fine antique cufflinks and watches, as well as antique stores.
The third street famous for its antique stores is the beautiful Via dei Coronari, where shops specialize mainly in Nineteenth century furniture and decorative art. If you are interested in architecture you will find this street extremely interesting, for the imposing palaces, like the Lancellotti Palazzo and the beautiful church of St. Salvatore in Lauro, with its beautiful cloister garden. They also say that no. 122 used to be the home of the famous painter, Raphael.
If you are looking for bargains you can’t miss the outdoor antique market of Piazza Fontanella Borghese, where a dozen market stalls sell small objects, books and prints. Happy shopping!