Caravaggio: A life both sacred and profane.

Uncover the complexity of the bad-boy genius through his Art. His splendid paintings are still visible in the 17th Century Churches in Rome’s backstreets. Learn about the drama that was his life, the prostitutes and friends who modeled for him, his sword fights that led to murder, his imprisonment in Malta and tragic death in Porto Ercole. Caravaggio’s art is made up of darkness and light that brings together a realism and intensity that must be seen to be believed.

The Tour include:

The Church of San Louis of The French
The Martyrdom of St. Matthew
The Calling of St. Matthew
The Inspiration of St.Matthew

Basilica of Sant’Agostino
Madonna Di Loreto

The Church of Santa Maria del Popolo
Crucifixion of St Peter
Conversion on the way to Damascus