Cooking Classes

If you’re an experienced chef or just beginning to find your way round the kitchen or you are simply a food lover, come and join our Italian Cooking class. It’s an experience you will never forget! Food is a large part of the Italian culture and your holiday in Italy will not be complete without this hands-on cooking experience. Let our expert chef open the doors of Italian traditions through the flavours of food and wine. This wonderful experience will start with a trip to a typical roman market where our expert chef will show you how to select the best seasonal, local, fresh ingredients that you will then use in your cooking class.  After a short walk from the market you will start your hands-on cooking class in a well-equipped kitchen, alongside our chef and your friends. The menu changes according to the season and in every class you will discover how to prepare traditional dishes from Rome and other regions and you’ll master the art of making homemade pasta. Finally you can relax and enjoy the traditional meal you cooked with local wine and great company.  As a souvenir you can bring home a collection of the local, traditional recipes you learned in your cooking class, to savor and share with your friends and family for years to come!