Food unites mankind and is one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture. Taking a food tour is certainly a great way to learn more about Roman culture. So join us by daylight or twilight for this unforgettable hedonistic experience to discover some of Rome’s best delicacies that you won’t find back home. Follow our expert chef on a small-group walking tour away from the tourist crowds and discover the family-run gems that have been feeding locals for generations. You will learn about the real history of Italy’s most famous culinary inventions like pizza and gelato. So treat your taste buds on this delicious tour of Rome! Our amazing chef will start the tour at one of Rome’s biggest food markets, the Mercato Trionfale, where he will show you how to select the best seasonal, local products. On our next stop just follow your nose and let your stomach lead the way when our chef will open the doors to one of Rome’s oldest delicatessen’s, Gastronomia Simonetti, where you will taste some of the best local cheese, buffalo mozzarella, ham and salami.

Our stroll will then move on to a very famous pizzeria, Pizzeria ai Gracchi, a place only the locals know! Here you will taste their pizza by the slice with different toppings and the delicious supplì (fried rice ball with bits of mozzarella).
Our tour would not be complete without a dessert! This is why our chef will first take you to experience the best artisan ice-cream in Rome at Gelateria dei Gracchi and then he will end our stroll in a delicious Sicilian bakery, Pasticceria Libutti, where you will be able to taste some of the most famous Sicilian desserts and why not take some home with you!
Let us wow you on this mouth-watering culinary experience!