When the sun sets over Rome another side of the city comes to life. In a city as ancient as Rome every stone has a story to tell ad some of these stories can be dark and sinister. Join us on a night time adventure through the eerie streets of Rome where crowds of ghosts of Emperors, Popes and artists come out and haunt the city. Our guide will tell you all about the legends and ghost stories that keep Roman kids up at night.

This tour is not for the frail of heart as you may come face to face with a ghost or if you’re lucky even more than one! Keep your eyes open when you’re crossing Sant’Angelo bridge, because you may see the ghost of Beatrice Cenci, Rome’s most famous ghost, a young noble girl who was put to death for murdering her tyrannous and violent father and according to the legend she walks up and down Sant’Angelo bridge carrying her severed head.

And watch out for the ghost carriage charging towards you when you’re crossing Sisto Bridge, you will come face to face with the ghost of Donna Olimpia, also known as “the female pope”, trying once again to flee the city with the church’s gold!

Let us take you through the dark heart of Rome!