A Tour Of The Aventine Hill

Come and join our tour on the Aventine Hill, exploring the peaceful and elegant streets of this wonderful neighbourhood in Rome.

During the height of the Empire the Aventine Hill was where the rich Romans lived, while the reigning families lived on the nearby Palatine Hill.

The Aventino is today a quiet, affluent, exclusive, residential neighbourhood, where luxurious houses sit side by side with ancient buildings.

We will visit one of the most interesting Basilicas of Rome: the medieval Basilica of Santa Sabina. Next to the church there is an idyllic orange garden where you can relax and enjoy a magnificent view of Rome.

Next on our list is the nearby Piazza Dei Cavalieri Di Malta ( Knights of Malta ) with its famous “Keyhole” in the entrance portal to the Priory. From the keyhole you will have a surprising and stunning view of Saint Peter’s Dome framed by garden hedges.

We will then walk down the hill to go and visit the marvelous church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, mostly famous for the “Bocca Della Verità” (Mouth of Truth), as seen in the film “Roman Holiday”.

In a side altar of the church is kept the flower crowned skull of Saint Valentine, a must see for those in love.