Are you struggling with the chilly weather? Are your spirits falling as fast as the thermometer? Don’t worry, Cupid has spread his wings and is on his way to warm your heart and brush  away your winter blues. Yes, that’s right, Valentine’s Day is just round the corner! Let’s face it, if you want to surprise your partner, a bunch of wilting flowers from the shop down the street won’t do the trick! There’s only one thing to do if you want to impress your loved one: take them on a weekend break! And there’s no better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day than the city where it all began! Yes, that’s right, St Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, was Roman. The martyred priest defied Emperor Claudius II and he was imprisoned for daring to perform marriage ceremonies at a time when it was banned in Ancient Rome. Legend has it that he was often visited by the jailer’s daughter and when he was executed on February 14, 269 AD, he left her a letter, signing it “from your Valentine” and so the Valentine’s card was born. So you can see, Rome’s romantic reputation is second to none. And let’s not forget that the Italians are famous for being the best lovers and their passion is infectious; this is probably why more and more people from all over the world are choosing Rome as the place for their wedding.
The Eternal city is the perfect setting for a love story and there are endless opportunities and itineraries to choose from for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!
1) If the weather permits, rent a bike, pack some sandwiches, some cheese and fruit into the basket of your bike; make sure you don’t forget a bottle of wine or champagne to toast your love. Head for the splendid Villa Borghese for a delicious picnic in the park. Relax in the sun before heading towards the magnificent museum of Galleria Borghese. As you walk through the different rooms you will be mesmerized by the marvelous Bernini statues and make sure you stop in front of the Apollo and Daphne statue. One could spend hours gazing at the beautiful Daphne fleeing lovesick Apollo; what better spot to stare deeply into the eyes of your loved one and revel in the reflection of their love.
(Note: make sure you book your tickets for the Borghese Gallery in advance).
2) Do you want to feel like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the film “Roman Holiday”? Why not rent a Vespa for the day and zoom through the narrow cobbled streets and gorgeous squares of the Eternal city? Make sure you stop at the Mouth of Truth, where legend has it that if you ask your sweetheart to swear their love to you while their hand is in the mouth of the terrifying mask and their hand is not bitten off, they are sincere. While you’re there walk inside the stunning church “Santa Maria in Cosmedin”. In a side altar on the left of the church, a skull is kept in a glass reliquary, surrounded by flowers. Lettering painted across the forehead identifies the owner as none other than of the patron saint of lovers, St Valentine. Can you think of a better place to swear your love to your other half than in front of the relic of the patron saint of lovers?
As the day draws to an end ride up to the Gianicolo Hill, undoubtedly one of Rome’s most romantic spots. The panorama is breathtaking, the view stretches over bell towers, ancient ruins and beautiful domes. Go just before the sun sets, when a glorious golden light illuminates the roofs of Rome.
3) If you were thinking of a more relaxing day to spend with your loved one, why not choose from one of the many luxurious spas in Rome. Step into a world of calm and serenity and enjoy the wonderful experience of the Hammam at: “Acquamadre”, Via di S. Ambrogio 17.
Or choose from a complete range of massages and beauty treatments in what is considered by Romans a real Sanctuary of wellbeing at : “Wonderfool”, Via dei Banchi Nuovi 39. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM-8PM; Sunday 1PM-8PM.
4) Don’t forget that lovers can visit the museums of Rome in a get two and pay one ticket deal at all state-run museums on February 13 and 14.
For a perfect end to a perfect day here are some suggestions:
For your Aperitivo:
– Il Goccetto, Via dei Banchi Vecchi 14.
– Etabli’, Vicolo delle Vacche 9.
– Enoteca Ferrara, Piazza Trilussa 41.
For dinner:
– Osteria al Vecchio Pegno, Vicolo di Montevecchio 8.
– Caffe’ Propaganda, Via Claudia 15.
– The Corner, Viale Aventino 121.
For any further information do not hesitate to contact us.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! ❤️