Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museums house the widest collection of works of art and documents, illustrating over 3000 years of history, commissioned and assembled by the Popes in over fifteen hundred years.Come walk in the footsteps of the Popes with our expert guides that will bring to life the magnificent works by RaphaelDa VinciCaravaggioMichelangelo and many more, while sharing interesting curiosities about the artists, their lives and the historical contexts in which they worked. Let our guides unveil all the dark hidden secrets and the dirty politics that are hidden behind the breathtaking beauty of the works of art collected in the Vatican’s sacred halls.

The Vatican is one the most interesting and impressive sites in the world but it can be a bit overwhelming at times, so let us guide you through some of its major attractions: The Raphael RoomsThe Gallery of the MapsThe Room of the TapestriesThe Octagonal Courtyard (where you will be able to admire an extraordinary collection of antique sculptures, among which the Lacoön and the Belvedere Apollo) and last but not least the unique Sistine Chapel where the conclave meets to elect the new Pope. Skip the line with our tour of the Vatican!

It will be our pleasure to share with you this once in a lifetime experience!